Hello and Welcome!

Thank you for your interest in learning more! On this page I am going to give you an summary of who I am and what this blog is going to be about. If you would like an in-depth idea of how I got to where I am today, Click Here.

My name is Danielle. I was born an Aries in Michigan during the year 1997. Twenty years later, I am still living in Michigan with my children (cats), Freyja and Cat.

I committed to veganism in 2016 after becoming a pescetarian only a year previous. It has reinforced my lifetime passion for the environment, animals, and my own health. Since becoming plant-powered my life has improved drastically. Through Veganism I have been able to overcome depression, anger issues, anxiety, along with healing my relationship with myself and food. I have become more compassionate in my lifestyle and driven to live my best life. It is part of my purpose to teach others to do the same.

I am a Soul Coach, along with the best health market Manager in all of Michigan (at least I think so). I offer soul coaching to all those seeking to heal their relationship with themselves, food, and their environment. You are a seed meant to grow into a vast and lush forest. I am here to bring you back into the light and lovingly water your passions.

Outside of work I enjoy yoga, meditation, reading and expanding my knowledge, being in nature, spending time with my cats, and creating. My creative side is entertained through painting and crafting high-vibrational, healing crystal necklaces which are available for purchase. I also do custom orders (contact me for more information). I am also a very spiritual person. I consider myself a melting pot of many different religions, but with a continuous focus on love, releasing attachment, and growing closer to the Self.

Now that you have a good idea of the person behind the blog, I will give you an idea of what it will be about.

My greatest passion is to help people. Though I am still young, I have gained a lot of knowledge on how to remove negativity, and that which does not positively serve the self, from life. I will offer readily available and easy to comprehend information on how to start living your best lives. Through this blog I intend to present the knowledge I have accumulated thus far so all may start taking valuable steps towards creating and reaching goals, living without regret, and for those who it resonates- connecting to the Divine within.

We are all spiritual beings by nature. We are meant be to live vibrantly and grow, together.

Things you can expect to see:

  • Simple and tasty plant-based recipes
  • Oracle readings (Contact me for a free reading)
  • Relatable blog posts on overcoming life’s obstacles
  • Monthly focus oracle card
  • Various co-writers, so as to appeal to and assist a broader group of individuals looking to live their best life!

I am forever grateful for every person that takes the time to visit this page, and I hope you all are able to gain something positive from it! This blog is for you, my fellow star seeds, and I will do all in my power to make this blog a loving community where you can feel free to voice your opinion, ask questions, and make suggestions. I will be listening.